Your Philosophy + Our Technology = More Clients + Increased Profit
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You’re about to discover a Profit Making System and Proprietary Software Platform designed for health and wellness professionals that can be used with ANY nutrition philosophy. We will reveal a simple 3 step process to attract more prospects… convert more leads… earn more from each client… intelligent tracking… faster better results and way more referrals.
OPTIONAL Customization Upgrades:
Add Additional Functions to the Software
Choose as many options below to truly make the software your own...
ADD YOUR LOGO/branding
  • Upload YOUR LOGO and change background color as many times as you please AND get a Custom URL
  • Format 980 x 205 pixels
  • Use jpg, jpeg, gif or png image file
  • Custom Logo, Background & URL
  • Valid Until License Expires or is Cancelled
CUSTOM ZIG ZAG Annual plan
Annual Renewal - INCLUDES 2 Months FREE
  • Custom Programs for Competitors:
  • Bodybuilders
  • Figure & Bikini Competitors
  • Carb Depletion/Carb Loading Cycle Meal Plans
  • Easily Break Through Plateaus
Annual Renewal - INCLUDES 2 Months FREE
& Embed TWO SITES!!!
  • Seamless embedding/integration of:
  • Shopping Carts, Membership Sites
  • MLM Replicated Sites
  • Websites/Forums/Scheduling Programs, etc.
Employer dashboard
Billed every 365 days
  • Unique Employer Dashboard
  • Maintain Complete Control Over:
  • -Your Certified Employee Login Credentials
  • -Your Certified Employee Usage
  • -Ability to Immediately ReAssign Clients from One Employee to Another
Billed every 30 days
  • Custom Programs for Competitors:
  • Bodybuilders
  • Figure & Bikini Competitors
  • Carb Depletion/Carb Loading Cycle Meal Plans
  • Easily Break Through Plateaus
One time for life*!
  • Includes 1 Premium Health DNA Test
  • Nutrigenomic Macronutrient  %ages on All Meals
  • DNA Provider Status for a Number of DNA Tests
  • Receive 30% Commission on All Tests Sold as a Provider
  • *Valid Until License Expires or is Cancelled
What Works Custom Nutrition Software FEATURES:
  • YOUR Nutrition Philosophy + Our Technology: plug in your nutrition philosophy into our system to simplify your business, increase revenue, save you time and headaches and increase profit.
  • Produce Stunning Reports and Charts: to Forecast & Track Client Results.
  •  Nutrition Modifier:  EZ Click & Choose Technology allows your clients to swap foods on the go and maintain your macronutrient requirements.
  • Fitness Impact Science: account for impact of fitness on nutritional goals.
  • Unlimited number of clients (we do NOT charge you per client or per plan- one license covers you for as many clients and plans as you like).
  • Completely Responsive Design: No need for an App to access the program on your phone or tablet
INCLUDED Customizations Provide You The Ability To:
  • Create Unlimited Folders: to organize your clients by location, expiration date, competition, etc.
  • Create Custom Nutrition Plans: based on YOUR Nutrition Philosophy
  • Create Custom Nutrition Plan TEMPLATES: to create meal plans with just 2 clicks of the mouse
  • Create Meal Plans consisting of 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7+ meals.
  • Add Foods to our Foods Database.
  • Hide a Specific Food from a specific client.
  • Hide a Specific Food from ALL clients.
  • Add Custom Food Categories (Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, etc).
  • Add and Hide Food Categories. Choose what your clients see!

  • Add "Calorie Yielding Supplements" such as meal replacements, etc. right into the meal plan.
  • Create your own Supplements Database.
  • Create Supplement Regimen Templates.
  • Apply Supplement Templates to clients' plans with a single mouse click.
  • Add Custom Exercises to Exercises database.
  • Track client progress using one of 8 body composition options (Jackson-Pollock 3, 4 & 7 sites, Sloan, Parillo, Slaughter.Lohman, US Navy (measuring tape) and "Other" (InBody, Tanita, BIA, etc.).
  • Track client progress using circumference measurements.
  • Add confidential client notes.
  • Control client access.

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